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1)       Peer-reviewed papers: Reading Group

Individual papers submitted for peer-review will be explored at the conference through reading groups.
Join others, round-table, to discuss your work and ideas alongside two other papers (very short, informal, introductory presentation only required – participants will have had the opportunity to read the work prior to the discussion).

Submission – an abstract for your peer-reviewed paper (up to 200 words)

2)       Peer-reviewed papers: Thematic Symposium

Submit a proposal for a thematic symposium to include a series of presentations (2-4) which summarise your peer-reviewed papers, stimulating discussion and/or related activity as part of the session.

Submission –a) Title and outline of the symposium content including the theme and its significance and a list of speakers with paper titles (up to 200 words)

and b) individual abstracts for the peer-reviewed papers (up to 200 words)

3)       Magic Moments

Share moments in your teaching that have worked really well, through a show-and-tell. If appropriate, extend this into a workshop that allows the participants to also try out your activity/technique; whether as learner or as teacher.  This type of submission is not peer-reviewed.

Submission –an outline of the proposed content (up to 200 words)

4)       Art Piece: Performance/Installation/Critical Art piece…

An arts-based comment or exploration of some aspect of ‘live’ learning and teaching. Any medium can be proposed.

Submission –an outline of the proposed piece including any equipment/materials needed, proposed duration etc.  Please include any particular spatial requirements – e.g. studio, walls, furniture, outside space…  (up to 200 words)

5)       Going Live

 A ‘long thin’ workshop, which aims towards the development of a learning and teaching resource or output of some kind. So often we leave conferences with great ideas for resources to support our learning and teaching, but with no time to make these happen. Going Live requires you to have already sketched an idea for a new resource or output which you might then further develop and populate with colleagues during the conference. e.g. a web platform ready to take examples offered by the conference delegates during coffee breaks and lunchtimes; a polemical written piece of work with multiple authors etc. You can propose a workshop to kick-start the initiative, or simply announce it during a plenary session, then have a presence in shared spaces and invite participation.

Submission –an outline of the proposed resource and the proposed approach to developing it through the conference. Please include any suggested spatial requirements – e.g. studio, entrance, walls, café, outside space…  (up to 200 words)