Submitting Proposals

Proposals [abstracts]

1. Open our ‘Menu of Options’ and choose which type of contribution you would like to make to the conference: Reading Group; Symposium; Magic Moments; Art Piece; Going Live

2. Follow the guidelines in the ‘Menu of Options’ and format your proposals like this:

Option [1,2,3,4 or 5]
Title of proposal
Author[s] name[s]
Author[s] institution/ practice etc.
Contact e-mail

[insert proposal text – see menu for word count, content..]

Make sure your proposal responds to the Living and Learning theme in some way

3. Save your proposal in the following file format:
readinggroupSURNAME.pdf or readinggroupSURNAME.doc

symposiumSURNAME.pdf or symposiumSURNAME.doc    etc….

e.g. magicmomentsPARNELL.doc

4. Submit your proposal by e-mail to


5. Await notification of acceptance: June 2014

6. Submission of final papers: 4th August 2014

Accepted authors MUST register for the conference to be published in the proceedings.